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Betta Movin

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  1. Jan 19,  · Moving or traveling with Betta fish. by Hillary · January 19, I don’t talk about my fish on here nearly as much as I thought I would. Since I was 16, I’ve kept at least one (and as many as nine) Betta fish as pets. Over that period, I’ve kept a total of more than two dozen different Bettas, both male and female.
  2. Apr 14,  · Hey everyone, I am moving my Halfmoon betta fish to a 5 gallon tank, as he currently lives in a gallon tank. I just tested the water and most of it looks good, but I just wanted to make sure. Here are the results: Nitrite: 0 ppm Ammonia: 0 ppm pH: greater than or equal to (pH if my tap water) Nitrate: 0 - 5 ppm Is the water good enough for him to move in yet?
  3. Betta Will Not Move. Hi, my male betta very suddenly stopped moving (will not respond to food or anything but was still breathing). He’s always been super happy, making bubble nests, swimming around a lot, so this is extremely sudden and confusing. He was in .
  4. 😲 My Betta fish has recently been hiding in a cave. I bought a heater because since its cold out this winter I thought he was just cold. This heater heats the tank to 78 degrees. This is a 2 Gallon tank. After installing the heater and changing the.
  5. Sep 26,  · Betta fish live for 3 to 5 years on average, but some can live a few years longer than that. If a betta is not moving, whether he appears to be floating on the water's surface or lying on the bottom of his tank, the possibility that the fish has died is entirely real.
  6. Mar 06,  · “You Better Move” is the fifth track on Lil Uzi Vert’s second studio album Eternal Atake. The song prominently samples a sound effect from Space Cadet Pinball, and features lyrics.
  7. Betta fish do not have a preference for either shallow or deep water as long as they have access to the surface of the water and the air. Some betta fish absolutely adore strong currents and come from fast moving streams, while others come from slow moving water with little current.
  8. The Betta fish, Siamese fighting fish, or betta as it’s known by its genus, is an elegant tropical freshwater fish that is popular as a pet and often housed in eclectic home aquariums. In the wild, native to areas like Cambodia and Thailand, the betta inhabits rice paddies and still watered canals. The ones you [ ].
  9. Jul 27,  · Here are some common reasons betta fish die: Poor water conditions: Clean water is a must for any fish, especially bettas. Low water temperatures: Bettas are tropical fish and need water temps between 75 and 80°F. Overfeeding: Excess food can kill your fish. Harassment by tank mates: Aggression—both from or directed at a betta—can reduce its evdimitatuledarvasubmerocrigh.cos:

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