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Fire Lock

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  1. FireLock full-flow elbows and tees feature CAD-developed, hydrodynamic design, affording a shorter center-to-end dimension than standard fittings. Noticeable bulge allows the water to make a smoother turn to maintain similar flow characteristics as standard full flow fittings. Fittings available fro.
  2. Firelock definition is - a gun's lock employing a slow match to ignite the powder charge; also: a gun having such a lock.
  3. FireLock™ Installation-Ready™ Fittings. The most innovative change to fire protection fittings since we originated the grooved concept. Request a demo. INSTALLATION-READY™ GOES ONE STEP FURTHER. REVOLUTIONIZING FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS. 1 vs. 22 parts.
  4. Define firelock. firelock synonyms, firelock pronunciation, firelock translation, English dictionary definition of firelock. n. See flintlock. n 1. an obsolete type of gunlock with a priming mechanism ignited by sparks 2. a gun or musket having such a lock n. a gun having a lock.
  5. FIRELOCK ® custom designs and manufactures fireproof room-sized modular vaults for the fire and environmental protection of heat-sensitive assets. Lightweight, expandable panel systems are available to construct firesafe vaults for the protection of magnetic media, IT equipment, removable hard drives, micrographic media, optical disks, paper documents and historic artifacts.
  6. The lock of a firearm is the firing mechanism used to ignite the propellant. Lock, stock and barrel is an old figure of speech defining the totality of a firearm as the barrel through which the bullet is directed toward a target, the stock which provides a means of gripping the firearm, and the lock as all other essential parts. As might be deduced from its placement as the first mentioned.
  7. Series N FireLock NXT™ Dry System Check Valve. For use where piping may freeze such as unheated warehouses, outdoor parking garages or stadiums; Actuation options: Series Low-Pressure Actuator; Available bare, pretrimmed, as a Vic-Quick riser or in a Series FireLock Fire-Pac cabinet; Sizes from 1½ - 8" | DN40 - DN
  8. Firelock definition: an obsolete type of gunlock with a priming mechanism ignited by sparks | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  9. Firelock Games Blood & Plunder is a 28 mm historical tabletop game set in the 17th Century Caribbean.

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